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Descendants and ancestors for family surnames of:

Byron, Doughty, Smith, Lansberry, Blythe, Newens, Eaglestone, Mitchener, Ehlers, Dibble, Balchin, Bjornsson, Sumey, Jobe, Vilene, Illugason, and including also Voice / Voyce, Bigod, Lodbrok, Jonsson / Johnson, Fowler, Gislason, Sigurdsson, Martel, Einarsson, DíAubigny, Gogert, Stephansson, Wilkes, Pullar, Capet, Sherlock, Vernon. To name but a few! There are over 7,000 people and more surnames. Many you will never have heard of but surprisingly are close to you in relations. Some well-known in history.

Charts or reports listing ancient family, descendants (like you!) of famous people are here. Kings, Queens, Barons, Vikings, Romans, and even a Pharoah or two. Pedigree charts to your family from famous people in history, and more are available! If there is any particular person or ancestry you want to see in a chart just ask and the chart can be created and sent to you in word/pdf/or image format.

Note - If you have photos that you want included with someone here or just think it should be part of the family record, email the photo and it will be added.

TIP - for new users: when you view the tree by clicking the BYRON or DOUGHTY link in the upper left you go to chart view (pedigree style). When you mouse over the small arrows below or to the side of a persons box their children or spouse appears. If you want to stay in chart view then do not click on the name (will take you to persons record) but instead you will see a small symbol to the right of the name that is a chart symbol. This is often overlooked. You can also expand the number of levels with the drop down. It is default to 4 but you can change that. Have at least 1024 screen size. Enjoy!

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